Back Pain is No Less Than a Wrestling Match

Struggling with back pain is the bane of a large portion of the population. Millions of people try dozens of methods to deal with back pain, but very few approaches are actually effective in the long run. Here, we look at a few simple techniques that can help prevent, reduce or eliminate back pain from … Read more

Explaining Thoracic Back Pain

Thoracic Back Pain

Let’s start by explaining “thoracic”. The spine goes from the head all the way down to the buttocks. When we start from the upper top, first comes the cervical (neck) spine, then comes the thoracic (upper back) spine and finally the lumbar (lower back) and the sacral (buttock) part of the spine. This is how our … Read more

Imagine Life without Back Pain

Imagine Life without Back Pain

PAIN when mentioned actually is the feeling that is painful. Pain is a common neurological encounter that may be described as the distressing attention of a harmful stimulation or physical damage. Pain may cause distress, agony, or discomfort. Pain is a distressing neurological and psychological encounter associated with real or potential injury, as described in … Read more