Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming Diagnostic Test for Fibromyalgia

There are a few vital preparations you must make in preparation of the new diagnostic test for fibromyalgia. But first, what exactly is this disease?

No one has been able to identify a single causative factor because there could be a multitude of different factors, including genetics, sleep issues, trauma, intestinal issues, and even lifestyle.

However, screening for this condition can give you the medical care that you need.

Before we proceed, however, let’s quickly visit the life of a fibromyalgia patient.

This disease inflicts constant, chronic pain on the sufferer, leaving them incapacitated in some cases. Chronic pain severely alters the quality of life for several reasons.

For example, it can prevent the patient from obtaining the exercise of active lifestyle that they need.

This, in turn, can leave them even more unhealthy, and affect their cardiac health, stress levels, fat composition, muscle mass, metabolism, cholesterol levels, blood sugar and blood pressure.

It would not be surprising if a link were established between these aforementioned health conditions and fibromyalgia.

The truth is, heart disease is the number one killer in the united states, and it often results from obesity the lack of proper diet and exercises, etc.

As you can see, this condition can make one far more vulnerable to the onset of other diseases, such as heart disease.

Physical activity is very important in the context of everyday life. This disease can severely hinder one’s ability to remain active.

As it turns out, physical exercise is of critical importance when you consider preventing conditions such as Alzheimer’s, maintaining mental sharpness, sustaining muscle mass and metabolism, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, etc.

As you can, engaging in frequent physical activity can markedly decrease the occurrence of another potentially fatal disease.

Not to mention, this condition can increase social isolation, which is also related to high mortality rates.

In fact, studies have concluded that the effects of social isolation are equivalent to that to behaviors such as smoking, drinking, and physical conditions such as obesity.

This further conveys the importance of seeking immediate medical health if you suffer from a condition such as this.

If you are properly diagnosed with this condition, you will be able to take precautionary measures, regulate your pain, and live a healthy, active, social lifestyle.

Once you are diagnosed, you may engage in several types of therapy to successfully reduce the pain.

This may include something such as yoga, which is intended to fortify the mind, body, spirit connection and to activate chakras that promote pain reduction.

In the context of Western medicine, you may provide medications that help alleviate the pain.

Upcoming Diagnostic Test for Fibromyalgia

Alternatively, you will receive physical therapy which can help quell the pain in your muscles and maintain their durability and mass.

If you are truly committed to seeking every option possible, eastern medicine may be a key consideration in this process.

You may even consider combining the efforts of western medicine with that of eastern medicine techniques, such as acupuncture.

Perhaps you have been too afraid to take the fibromyalgia diagnostic test. However, there are a few integral reasons why you should not avoid testing any longer.

Ignoring the test will not remove the pain. In fact, without treatment, the pain is only going to continue, or become much worse on time. Seeing a doctor will give you peace of mind, and should not evoke anxiety.

A doctor will help map out a treatment plan in order to grant you the relief that you deserve.

Taking one step at a time is absolutely fundamental, and getting diagnosed is the first step to recovery.

Yes, there may not be a direct cure for this disease. Furthermore, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact cause for this condition.

In spite of this, you can counteract the effects of this disease through proper treatments.

Lifestyle has a significant impact on their relative level of pain you experience. Just as exercise can affect your pain levels, so can diet. Many people underestimate the importance of diet in their daily lives.

However, the foods you consume may be partially contributing to your pain.  Certain foods possess building blocks that boost the immune system, boost recovery and brain function and aid the body in many different functions. Yet, high levels of fat and sugar will exert a serious toll on the body.

Your mental state can largely shape the state of your physical body. Every thought in your body produces a physical reaction.

Those reactions can either promote health or they can perpetuate the levels of pain that you are already experiencing in your body.

Negative thoughts associated with stress can exhaust your adrenal gland and cause a buildup of cortisol.

This can, in turn weaken your immune system, as well as your body’s ability to fight any foreign invader, so manage its own pain.

Maintaining a positive mindset with a disease such as this can seem virtually impossible to most.

But you will find that as you centralize your focus on the positive, your pain will become more manageable.

Improving your mood may be as simple as petting an animal, watching a funny movie, or even going for a walk.

Even people with once-fatal conditions have reportedly laughed their disease away, after recognizing the true power of laughter.

Remember, when you remain firmly rooted in a state of anger or sorrow you severely compromise your body’s natural ability to maintain its immune functions and keep itself happy, not just for an hour, but in some cases, up to 48 hours.

So, if you suspect that you suffer from fibromyalgia, do not procrastinate. Speak to a doctor immediately to receive your diagnostic test.

Living in pain does not have to be an option. Every day, research is conducted, and new advancements are made.

This means that with each year of research that passes by, researchers are that much closer to achieving a cure for this condition. So, do not fret.

Remain hopeful, and take every measure that you can to fight the symptoms of this disease.



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  1. I love this article! I have had FB for years. I have learned that having a positive attitude is the only way to live. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is critical. Getting out there and doing the best that you can, everyday. Practicing mindfulness, living in the “now” has made a huge impact on my life! No, it hasn’t “cured” me. But I am living my life to my fullest, every day, and being happy with myself. Laughing at myself, at Fibro makes a huge difference.

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