Sleep Disorder

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Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation –Do you know the Real Cause?

If you are not sleeping well at night, you are suffering. Many research studies have been conducted concerning those who lack the necessary eight hours of sleep each night. Those studies show reduced attention spans, poorer concentration, and a number of other consequences associated with sleeping less than eight hours […]

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Sleep Better without Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common form of sleep apnea around. It is also a very difficult condition for a person to deal with. Sleep apnea affects an individual’s entire life, as well as their ability to function in the right manner. Of course anyone that is affected by […]

Severe Sleep Deprivation Symptoms

A Look at Severe Sleep Deprivation Symptoms

Many of us agree that more sleep each night would be welcomed. Most people fail to obtain the recommend amount of sleep each night and while we try to make up for the zzz’s that we miss on the weekends and at other times, it is not quite the same. […]

Naturally Cure Your Sleep Disorder

Naturally Cure Your Sleep Disorder

Everyone has problems sleeping at one point or another in their lives. There are several factors that could cause difficulty sleeping, including the following: Life stress (job change/loss, divorce, moving, etc.) Emotional/physical discomfort Illness Medications Environmental factors (temperature, noise, etc.) Interferences with typical sleep patterns Chronic problems sleeping could be […]

17 Worst Things to Eat before Bed

17 Worst Things to Eat before Bed

Most people lose sleep due to so many things, and the last thing we want is our late-night eating decisions to work against us. Everybody loves a little night nosh, but what one decides to nibble on can significantly affect how well we sleep. While a number of foods help […]