Does Sciatica Affect Bowel Movements?

Does Sciatica Affect Bowel Movements

The pain associated with the condition of sciatica is due to damage to the individual’s nerve tissue. In most cases, this nerve damage is not permanent. However, there are some signs that could indicate a more serious condition, which will require immediate medical assistance, such as the following: If you feel numbness and/or weakness, surgery … Read more

What causes sciatic pain?

What causes sciatic pain

Sciatica is not a condition but rather a side effect. It alludes to torment that starts in the hip and rear end and proceeds with the distance down the leg. The manifestation frequently occurs at the low back torment, which can be pretty much serious than the leg torment. The term sciatica shows that the … Read more

Can Sciatica Affect Both Legs?

can sciatica affect both legs

Tingling, burning, excruciating pain. That is how some people describe sciatica. This type of pain is characterized as being caused by a spine-related issue which then spreads pain throughout the lower part of the body. Individuals may experience sciatica anywhere from their lower back all the way down to their ankles. The pain is derived … Read more