Quenching the Flames of Sciatica Flare-ups

Sciatica Flare-ups

If you suffer from chronic sciatica, you are aware that the searing nerve pain can appear to come from nowhere and may persist for weeks. What triggers sciatica flare-ups? Can anyone provide an estimate of how long they will last? Is there anything you can do to ease the searing pain and debilitating numbness caused … Read more

How to get the goodnight’s slumber with sciatica and back pain? Pick the Pain-reducing sleeping position!

sleeping with sciatica and back pain

How often do you wake up due to the intense backache? Sleeping is a bit challenging for those who are suffering from back pain. whenever you turn at your sides, it really hurts you. Though, back pain could be a big torture at a moment, but, on the other end, the thinking of how to … Read more