Pain Management

Those who suffer from chronic pain are willing to do anything for relief. Our pain blog is packed full of practical advice for managing a chronic condition in a house packed with small children.

ginger for chronic pain

Ginger & Chronic Pains

It is said that the best thing about Nature is its infinite capacity to protect and heal us. It is perhaps for this reason it is called Mother Nature. Among its many wonderful elements there are these herbs, plants and roots that have sustained man through the ages as food […]

Tai Chi

Tai Chi & chronic pain: Therapy for pain management

The relation between Tai Chi and pain management is not new but there has been increasing awareness of the fact in recent times with renewed interest for the discipline. This natural therapy for chronic pain is an old convention and has been practiced in China for hundreds of years. Tai […]

Chronic Pain Massage

Understanding & Managing Chronic Pain

Finding yourself in any type of pain and chronic pain particularly, is not the effective way to spend your way of life. While a distinct discomfort may mean experiencing pain for a short length, chronic pain can adversely affect your way of life for months or even years. This type […]

Chronic Pain Management

Chronic Pain Management: Explanation and Ground Rules

In order to understand these guidelines better, let’s first define the two most common types of pain – acute and chronic pain. Acute pain is short-termed and it heals quickly. For example, when you break a bone – it heals, when you cut yourself – it heals. These are all […]