Is This Shingles or Just a Simple Rash?

shingles symptoms

Receiving prompt treatment for shingles may help slow down the progression of shingles. The early symptoms are subtle and appear before the red rash and/or fluid-filled blisters. If you’ve had chicken pox as a child, you can develop shingles as an adult. But how do you recognize that you may be developing shingles? You might … Read more

Gabapentin plus venlafaxine-an effective treatment approach for nerve pain

Gabapentin for nerve pain

How often do you feel pins and needles in your arm? Do you experience numbness in your foot after prolonged sitting? are you noticing any sensory issues? Take your time! Well! Pain, regardless it is acute or chronic, is the most common complaint that has been reported in primary medical care settings. Nerve pain is … Read more

Is fatigue a symptom of shingles?

Is fatigue a symptom of shingles

Shingle is a disease of a nerve and the encompassing skin surface which is mostly supplied by the nerve itself, brought on by the varicella-zoster infection. This is the same infection that causes chickenpox and any individual who has recouped from chickenpox, whether young or old can easily get shingles. There are an expected 1 million … Read more

What are the symptoms of neuropathic pain?

What are the symptoms of neuropathic pain

Overview of neuropathic pain Neuropathic pain is an unpredictable and ceaseless pain that that mostly occurs in connection to tissue damage or injury. It may result from a broken, damaged or dysfunctional nerve strands. Such nerve strands (strings) may therefore send incorrect signals as a result or fail to completely send any signals as required … Read more