Muscle Pain

Joint pains, muscle aches, stiff and tired bodies. These issues affect millions and millions of people on a daily basis. Know when you should see a doctor.

Strokes and Muscle Spasms

Strokes and Muscle Spasms: Are They Related?

Strokes are not caused by muscle spasms- however, in many cases, stroke survivors will experience some level of muscle spasticity- or muscle spasms. Keep in mind that no matter what the level of spasticity you are experiencing, there are treatments that are available to you. Why Does Muscle Spasticity Occur? […]

causes of Muscle Twitching

Causes and Treatments for Muscle Twitching

A muscle twitch is a small, involuntary movement that involves muscle fibers or small areas of muscles. In most cases, a muscle twitch is completely unnoticeable. When you do feel them, they actually feel much worse and even more noticeable than they really are. Muscle twitches are also referred to […]

What causes coronary artery spasm

Coronary Artery Spasms: Should You Be Concerned?

A coronary artery spasm is defined as a sudden tightening of the muscles in the arteries in your heart. When this happens, your arteries have narrowed, which will keep blood from flowing naturally into your heart. These are very temporary and brief- but can lead to some more serious complications […]

Foods that Help Muscle Cramps

Foods that Help Muscle Cramps

If muscle cramps are not dealt with in a healthy way or they aren’t taken care of, then it could end up being a very frustrating situation for everyone that is trying to take care of things. Even though stretching and other techniques can actually play a big role in […]

what vitamin deficiency causes muscle twitching

Muscle Twitching: What Vitamin Are You Missing?

Muscle twitches are often referred to as spams and are very common. Most often, they affect your thumbs, calves, and eyelids. In many cases, muscle twitches could be a symptom of an underlying vitamin or nutritional deficiency. You should always speak with your physician if you are experiencing tingling or […]