Causes and Treatments for Muscle Twitching

causes of Muscle Twitching

A muscle twitch is a small, involuntary movement that involves muscle fibers or small areas of muscles. In most cases, a muscle twitch is completely unnoticeable. When you do feel them, they actually feel much worse and even more noticeable than they really are. Muscle twitches are also referred to as fasciculations and can occur … Read more

Causes and Treatments for Chest Muscle Spasm Symptoms

Chest Muscle Spasm Symptoms

Muscle spasms in chest can be quite ordinary to younger people, as the young have a tendency to think they are immortal in a sense and they blow it off as too many push-ups or heavy bench presses. However, as we get older, it becomes alarming. We might think we are having a heart attack … Read more

Muscle Twitching: What Vitamin Are You Missing?

what vitamin deficiency causes muscle twitching

Muscle twitches are often referred to as spams and are very common. Most often, they affect your thumbs, calves, and eyelids. In many cases, muscle twitches could be a symptom of an underlying vitamin or nutritional deficiency. You should always speak with your physician if you are experiencing tingling or numbness in your extremities- they … Read more