Myofascial Pain Syndrome Trigger Points

Untying Muscle Knots: Myofascial Pain Syndrome Trigger Points

Myofascial trigger points are an extremely common cause of chronic pain. In a recent study conducted by a pain management center, it was discovered that there was a myofascial component to pain in 95% of the study participants. Myofascial refers to muscle tissue (myo) and the three-dimensional web of connective […]

Gabapentin for Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Gabapentin for Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Myofascial Pain Syndrome is a pain disorder that affects people every day. It is chronic and learning how to deal with this is the priority of most people that are affected with this syndrome. For those who have this they have inflammation and muscle pain throughout the soft tissues in […]

Symptoms of Myofascial Pain

Signs and Symptoms of Myofascial Pain

The condition of myofascial pain syndrome is considered a chronic pain disorder. In this condition, pressure on the trigger- or sensitive- points on your body result in pain in areas of your body that seem to be unrelated. This is known as referred pain. Typically, this condition occurs after a particular […]

Can myofascial pain be cured

Yes! Myofascial pain can be cured!

We believe myofascial pain can be cured. So, to answer some readers’ noted questions; yes, myofascial pain can be cured. But, how is this possible? And what exactly is a myofascial pain? Before going onto an explanation on what myofascial pain is all about, along with some notes on how it […]

Can myofascial pain cause dizziness

Does myofascial pain cause dizziness?

Right now, you could be experiencing symptoms of dizziness. But you do not have a clue as to where its coming from, these dizzy spells. Also, you’ve had them before. There’s another question being asked today; can myofascial pain cause dizziness. We’d like to help you and your co-readers find […]

Myofascial Release Self-Massage

Is Myofascial Self-Massage Effective?

Self Myofascial Release Techniques, SMRT, are definitely not a new thing, but they are becoming more and more popular among both athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Both practitioners of alternative and allopathic medicine have begun to use myofascial release massage techniques to rehabilitate a variety of injuries as well as reduce […]