Lupus – Symptoms and causes

There’s no current cure for lupus, but we are offering support and guidance via blogs. We rounded up the top lupus blogs please take a look.

Top 5 Lupus Symptoms

Understanding the Top 5 Lupus Symptoms

It is quite hard to diagnose the symptoms of lupus-like fibromyalgia, thyroid disorders, or other chronic conditions. High levels of inflammation are caused by lupus leading to negative effects on the health condition of a person. This can even affect every organ and part of the body. In other words, […]

living with lupus

Things People Who Have Lupus Wish Others Understood

Most of the symptoms of these chronic conditions are not visible outside. People who have chronic pain will look very normal in front of others but they will have all the suffering inside them. It is not the case that chronic pain will be a problem only to the adults. […]

Recognizing and Controlling Lupus Flares

Recognizing and Controlling Lupus Flares

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that is characterized by widespread inflammation throughout the body. It occurs when an individual’s immune system begins to attack their own body from the inside out. Lupus can possibly affect the joints, heart, kidneys, lungs, blood cells, and skin. Women are nine times more likely […]

The Lupus Disease and How to Understand It Better

The Lupus Disease and How to Understand It Better

Among all the autoimmune diseases there are, lupus is one of the most mysterious and, very often, most misunderstood ones. Lupus affects people of all ages, even children, but it is more commonly encountered among African Americans, Latino Americans and Native Americans and it can really affect one’s life in […]

Lupus Headaches

Lupus Headaches: Are They a Symptom on Their Own?

Lupus is one of the most unforgiving diseases out there – and one of the most mysterious ones too. In the 18th century when people started to get acquainted with the existence of this disease, the large number of symptoms and the odd behavior was very confusing for the doctors […]

Lupus Diagnosis

Lupus: How Can Such a Complex Disease Be Diagnosed?

Despite all the medical research, there are still some diseases that leave the medical world baffled and confused. Fibromyalgia, for example, is one of them. Long considered to be just a form of depression, fibromyalgia is nowadays a medical condition its own “rights” – but people have not yet been […]