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Effective Natural muscle relaxers for fibromyalgia patients

Fibromyalgia patients usually have different types of symptoms which include problems related to nerves, pain in their body parts, fatigue, sleeplessness, muscle spasms, etc. depending on the condition of their body. People try different types of medication to handle their pain symptoms which include drugs, painkillers, exercises, etc. Some people […]

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Fibromyalgia: An Elusive Illness

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder in which the patient suffers from headaches, fatigue, widespread pain, difficulty sleeping and mood swings. It is believed that fibromyalgia increases painful sensations by affecting the brain. The actual causes of fibromyalgia are unknown. It’s related to chemical levels in brain and changes in the nervous system. […]

D-Ribose for fibromyalgia pains

Energy boosting supplements for Fibromyalgia

Studies have shown that ribose supplements can help reduce muscle pain and enhance the quality of life for those suffering from fibromyalgia A medical condition characterized by muscular or musculoskeletal pain is known as fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia symptoms include deep muscle pain, painful tender points, and morning stiffness; sleep problems, fatigue, […]

Sleep Disorder in Fibromyalgia

Sleep Disorder in Fibromyalgia: Non-Restorative Sleep

Non-restorative sleep plays an important role in chronic conditions involving fatigue, pain, cognition, and mood such as Fibromyalgia One of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia is Sleep Disorder. It has been considered an integral feature of Fibromyalgia syndrome since patients with fibromyalgia recognize a connection with poor sleep and increased pain, […]

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Eating to Ease Fibromyalgia Symptoms Food and Supplements

Even though no food combinations have been proven to help fibromyalgia symptoms, few claim eating certain foods or avoiding certain foods helps them feel better. Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes chronic musculoskeletal pain and fatigue. The cause of fibromyalgia is not yet known but various treatments include food and […]