CRPS – Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Living with the burning pain of CRPS is not easy. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a long-term, chronic condition that causes severe burning pains and other unpleasant symptoms.

sympathetic nerve block for crps

Treating CRPS with Sympathetic Nerve Block

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a chronic condition causing sufferers to experience severe, constant pain in one (or more) limbs of the body. Scientists still have many questions about the condition, but what is known about it is that it generally occurs after an accident involving a particular limb of […]

How does CRPS affect the eyes

The eyes have it: How CRPS affect the eyes

For those who are unaware, CRPS stands for “Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)”. CRPS usually affects sensory and motor disturbances of one’s limbs. However; as a crucial aspect of the nervous system, our eyes also become affected by the disturbances of CRPS.  Complex regional pain syndrome does not have a […]

Can vitamin C prevent complex regional

What Is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome? Complex regional pain syndrome, or CRPS, is a chronic pain disorder of the bodily extremities, or limbs. When the arms, legs, hands or feet experience physical trauma, this sparks the onset of CRPS in select cases. Accordingly, CRPS reflects damage to both the peripheral […]

Understand Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Understand Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Complex regional pain syndrome is a form of chronic pain that causes swelling and a constant pain in one limb of an individual. Very little is known about this condition but it typically develops after the individual has injured their limb. Although the injury may be very minor, the pain […]