Chronic Pain

Chronic pain blogs are our favorite ways to connect with people who really get what it means to be in pain. Here are our best pain blogs!

dating someone with a chronic illness

How to Have a Strong Relationship Despite a Chronic Illness

Chronic illness such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and others can cause stress and strain on any relationship. The truth is that the partner who is suffering from the condition doesn’t feel like the person they were before they developed the condition. On the other hand, the other partner may […]

Jim Carrey and Depression

Celebrities with Mental Illness Stand Out

While mental illness becomes more apparent and commonplace in a distorted and increasingly stressful society, celebrities with mental illness in the spotlight gain increasing attention at the behest of the presses over this serious matter. Many celebrities we know and love have battled with serious mental illness and succeeded despite […]

can you get cubital tunnel in both elbows

Does Cubital Tunnel Affect One or Both Elbows?

The condition known as cubital tunnel syndrome is the result of compression of the ulnar nerve in the area where it passes under a bony bump on the inside of the elbow. This condition can occur on one or both elbows. The ulnar nerve is fairly unprotected in the area […]

muscle relaxants side effects

Top 3 Muscle Relaxants and Their Side Effects

If you suffer from the condition of multiple sclerosis, or MS, and the pain related to that condition, you understand how painful muscle spasms can be, right? When you have a muscle that has tightened up, it can be extremely debilitating, causing you to cringe with the extreme pain that […]

Bladder spasms and kidney stones

Can Kidney Stones cause Bladder Spasms?

A bladder spasm is a condition affecting millions of people around the world. Just as many also suffer from kidney stones. Both embarrassing and painful, kidney stones and bladder spasms may have a possible connection to one another. While there are many different causes of bladder spasms, it may very […]

Severe Prostatitis Symptoms

Severe Prostatitis Symptoms Mean Trouble

Prostatitis is a syndrome which occurs as the male prostate becomes inflamed. Inflammation could be due to infection or other causes. Generally, an urologist will have to sort this out. Regardless, the symptoms of urgent urination and pain can leave a man groping for the bathroom walls. It is understandable […]