Best Herbs for Chronic Pain


Studies show that chronic pain is a destructive force in the human body. The longer the pain persists, the worse it gets. Without proper treatment, your chronic pain will continue to have devastating effects on your body, and the symptoms will not subsist on their own. While the causes of chronic pain can vary from … Read more

Foods that fight chronic pain

Omega 3 acids

It is estimated that, with chronic pain affecting more than 116 million American adults, nearly one third of the US population is currently struggling with pain in their daily lives. These staggering figures should be an urgent call for action, but in many cases, medical intervention is not always an option – and sometimes, even … Read more

12 Natural Ways to Beat Chronic Pain Without Surgery and Drugs

Exercises for chronic pain

Chronic Pain – Great Health Hazard Chronic pain is probably the most harmful medical related circumstances of our age. Sad to say, a lot of men and women experience from without treatment of their discomfort. While levels of the pain vary not surprisingly, working with discomfort in whatever capacity can be a huge challenge. Whether … Read more