Chronic Pain

Chronic pain blogs are our favorite ways to connect with people who really get what it means to be in pain. Here are our best pain blogs!

Chronic Pancreatitis

Chronic Pancreatitis: Inflammation at its Worst

Chronic Pancreatitis is a deadly digestive disorder involving inflammation of the pancreas that does not heal over time, causing it to get worse and incur permanent damage. In contrast to Acute Pancreatitis, which occurs over a shorter period of time, Chronic Pancreatitis can last forever depending upon the reason for […]

Chronic Bronchitis

Coughing, Inflammation and Chronic Bronchitis

In contrast to Acute Bronchitis, which dissipates in just two weeks at the most, Chronic Bronchitis is characterized as a cough that occurs every single day with sputum production that lasts for three months at the very least for two years in a row. The condition causes chronic inflammation of […]

pain management

How the Mind Controls Pain

The manner in which we experience pain is sometimes regarded as a defining feature of being a human. The very fact that we are able to react to negative external stimuli is something which suggests our sentience. Pain does, however, serve a very important biological function: it is a warning. […]

sex life and chronic pain

Rekindling That Intimacy: your sex life and chronic pain

In his theory of human motivation, Abraham Maslow suggested that the human being has several basic needs which drive us in our daily existence. While the base of Maslow’s pyramid of needs is physiological need, the need to feel loved and like one belongs is still a high ranking and […]


Best Herbs for Chronic Pain

Studies show that chronic pain is a destructive force in the human body. The longer the pain persists, the worse it gets. Without proper treatment, your chronic pain will continue to have devastating effects on your body, and the symptoms will not subsist on their own. While the causes of […]

Omega 3 acids

Foods that fight chronic pain

It is estimated that, with chronic pain affecting more than 116 million American adults, nearly one third of the US population is currently struggling with pain in their daily lives. These staggering figures should be an urgent call for action, but in many cases, medical intervention is not always an […]