What is the best treatment for an overactive bladder?

overactive bladder medications

Contrary to popular belief, an overactive bladder is not a part of the aging process. In fact, it can happen in younger adults, and it is both pernicious and persistent when left untreated. Having an overactive bladder is more than just annoying; it is downright embarrassing. While you might feel tempted to stay home more … Read more

What are symptoms of peroneal nerve damage?

symptoms of peroneal nerve damage

7 Symptoms of Peroneal Nerve Damage It’s not that common to experience weakness or difficulty in walking. Maybe you have less feeling in your legs or feet. You might experience difficulties in walking. You might start tripping over your feet. If your discomfort and symptoms continue, you’ll probably go to your primary care physician for … Read more

Leaky Gut Syndrome: Understand Causes and Treatments

Leaky Gut Syndrome

The gut is the biggest organ of your immune system. Symptoms of leaky gut syndrome include pains, aches, food sensitivities, cramps, gas and bloating. What is leaky gut and how is it diagnosed? Leaky gut (intestinal permeability) is a particular condition in which lining of your small intestine becomes injured, causing poisonous waste products, bacteria … Read more

Peroneal Nerve Dysfunction and The Peroneal Nerve- Can It Be Healed?

Can the peroneal nerve heal

The peroneal nerve may be unfamiliar to some, and many people have not even heard of peroneal nerve dysfunction. While it may sound unrelated to your life, it is actually quite important. Peroneal Nerve Dysfunction is a condition that everyone should be well aware of to help prevent it and spread information about it. Peroneal … Read more