Chronic Pain

Chronic pain blogs are our favorite ways to connect with people who really get what it means to be in pain. Here are our best pain blogs!

Does Chronic Pancreatitis Get Worse over Time?

Chronic pancreatitis is quite a common medical condition out there. Although it can be caused by a lot of factors, there are cases in which the causes behind its development are idiopathic. Basically, this disease is related to a severe inflammation of the pancreas which becomes permanent in the case […]

How to Understand Someone with Chronic Pain

How to Understand Someone with Chronic Pain

Chronic pain may be caused by many things. This includes an injury, disease or condition. Regardless of the  source of the pain, it puts a pain in the life  of each person that it affects. Even minimal amounts of  pain, when it is at its strongest, reduces a person’s ability […]

9 Ways to Fight Chronic Pain

So many millions of people across the US are living with chronic pain. These people find it hard to enjoy life as they once did, as the pain they feel seems to overcome everything else. Whether it is work or activities with the kids, these things are all limited so […]

Anxiety Responsible For Chronic Aches & Pains?

Is Your Anxiety Responsible For Chronic Aches & Pains?

What is chronic anxiety? Anxiety is best defined as a state of restlessness that can be caused due to many reasons. Some of the most common reasons for anxiety are nervousness, lack of confidence and fear. Usually, anxiety is something that is temporary. People in stressful situations feel anxious and once […]

A Life with Body Aches

Frequent and constant body aches are a form of chronic pain that can be a warning that something more serious is going on with your body. The majority of us experience body aches from time to time and these are generally the result of physical exercise or stress. As the […]