Chronic Pain

Chronic pain blogs are our favorite ways to connect with people who really get what it means to be in pain. Here are our best pain blogs!

What is the Gallbladder

The Gallbladder: Where is it? What Does it Do?

The gallbladder is a small, pear-shaped organ that stores bile, a greenish-yellow digestive fluid. In humans, it is found on the underside of the right side of the liver, as can be seen in Innerbody. It can hold about 1 1/2 ounces of bile at a time. Bile is made up […]

iron deficiency

What You Need to Know About Iron Deficiency

When most people think of iron, they picture the metal that is used in construction. This same exact metal is also essential for creating healthy cells throughout the human body. Unfortunately, iron deficiency is the most common type of nutritional deficiency in the United States according to MedicineNet. Iron deficiency can […]

Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin

Turmeric Is A Powerful Herb With Important Benefits

The Numerous Benefits Of Turmeric Turmeric is an exceptionally useful supplement, and some experts even think that it could help you to live longer! This is because turmeric contains a powerful molecule called curcumin. According to Natural News, turmeric can improve the health of cells. While turmeric has numerous benefits, these […]

overactive bladder medications

What is the best treatment for an overactive bladder?

Contrary to popular belief, an overactive bladder is not a part of the aging process. In fact, it can happen in younger adults, and it is both pernicious and persistent when left untreated. Having an overactive bladder is more than just annoying; it is downright embarrassing. While you might feel […]

symptoms of peroneal nerve damage

What are symptoms of peroneal nerve damage?

7 Symptoms of Peroneal Nerve Damage It’s not that common to experience weakness or difficulty in walking. Maybe you have less feeling in your legs or feet. You might experience difficulties in walking. You might start tripping over your feet. If your discomfort and symptoms continue, you’ll probably go to […]

High blood pressure

High blood pressure- take care of yourself

What is high blood pressure? High blood pressure is also known as HBP or hypertension and is a condition when the pressure of your blood or the force of your blood pushes hard against the walls of the vessels and when it is extremely high. In America, almost eighty five […]