Joint Pain

Do you believe that chronic joint pain is controlling your life? Living with the pain of arthritis can be challenging, but you can do it. Visit our featured Blog Articles.

Can joint pain be a symptom of menopause

Joint Pain as A Menopause Symptom

Do joint pains symbolize menopause? This is a question that most ladies in their forties and fifties ask themselves. Research shows that at the start of the transition to menopause, joint pains occur along with other symptoms. About 7 out of 10 women in their menopause stage ignore joint pains […]

artificial sweeteners and joint pain

Can Artificial Sweeteners cause Joint Pain?

Scientists have conducted many studies concerning arthritis –a health condition causing inflammation and swelling of the joints and muscles. Those studies associate the use of artificial sweeteners with inflammation and swelling of these joints. Whether you’ve received an arthritis diagnosis or suffer from joint pain due to other conditions, it […]

What are the causes of SI joint inflammation

What are the causes of SI joint inflammation?

When you first start to experience SI joint inflammation the tendency is to think it is just another backache. As time goes on and the pain becomes worse, trips to the chiropractor may be in order, but they often won’t do a thing. SI joint inflammation is an autoimmune disorder […]

An Overview of Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

An Overview of Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

One of the most common complaints that people have when they visit their primary care doctor is lower back pain.  Lower back pain complaints may range from annoying muscle strains to medical conditions that causes debilitating pain that affects every aspect of a patient’s life. Lower back pain is the […]