Autoimmune Diseases

When you have an autoimmune disease, keeping inflammation down is key. Our blog contains helpful information for living with autoimmune diseases. Read recipes, exercises and more

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata: Can’t be cured But it can be prevented

Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss. Alopecia areata does not cause complete baldness but instead results in round patches of hair loss on the scalp and other parts of the body. Alopecia areata cannot be predicted by family history or genetics alone, however, it can run […]

Best Herbs for Autoimmune Disease

The Best Herbs for Autoimmune Disease

Herbal treatments can be a wonderful supplement to synthetic medications and medical treatments, particularly for illnesses that require long-term care. For centuries people have been using the healing properties of plants to treat everything from injury to stress. There are a number of herbs that you can take for autoimmune […]

types of autoimmune disorders

What’s wrong with my immune system?

When the immune system begins to misbehave it may not act in a way that helps your body, but can create many different painful conditions. With all of the types of autoimmune disorders the immune system is either not functioning enough or it is functioning too well and attacking healthy […]

Do People with MS Have a Weak Immune System?

Do People with MS Have a Weak Immune System?

Multiple Sclerosis is a progressive autoimmune disease. A suffers immune system thinks that its soft tissue, the myelin sheath is a virus and attacks it. The destruction causes open areas known as lesions to form on the nerve endings and nerve roots. This makes it difficult for the body to […]

Best vitamin supplement for autoimmune diseases

The Best vitamin supplement for autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune diseases cause the body’s own immune responses to be directed against itself, resulting in inflammation and the destruction of tissue. A healthy immune system has a variety of functions directed toward recognizing and repelling or destroying any health-damaging agents not normally present in the body. On the other hand, […]

The Best Supplements for Autoimmune Diseases

The Best Supplements for Autoimmune Diseases

Finding the right dietary supplements to help manage autoimmune disorders can be difficult. However, an effective dietary regime, including supplements, can be extremely helpful. What’s needed is research and diligence to ensure you have the right supplements and to make sure they don’t interact with any of the other drugs […]