Acupressure Has Ancient Roots and Current Applications in the World of Neck Pain Sufferers

acupressure points for neck pain

Neck Pain is a challenging condition to treat, due to the multitude of possible causes. Trauma, muscle strain and poor posture are just as likely to cause neck pain as tumors, degenerative diseases and abnormalities that exist in the bones and/or joints. Therefore, treatment that works quickly and effectively on neck pain to bring relief … Read more

Treating Foot Pain with Acupressure

How to Use Acupressure Points for Foot Pain

Chances are, you have heard of acupressure therapy. However, you may wonder what exactly acupressure is. Well, acupressure is acupuncture without the needles. Acupressure involves applying pressure- typically with fingers, but also uses hands, elbows, knees, feet, and blunt objects- to specific points on the body in order to promote healing. Traditional Chinese medicine says … Read more

Pressure Points/Tender Points for Fibromyalgia

Tender Points for Fibromyalgia

Before we can figure out the pressure points that indicate control fibromyalgia pain, you must first know what exactly fibromyalgia is. Fibromyalgia is the second most common musculoskeletal condition. It is surpassed only by osteoarthritis. Due to its similarities to arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions, it is quite often misunderstood and misdiagnosed. The characteristics of … Read more

Have Back Pain? Acupressure Points For Back Pain

Acupressure Points For Back Pain

Acupressure is a type of alternative medicine technique with similar principles to acupuncture. It’s based on the concept of ‘life energy flowing through the body’s meridians. The body’s meridians are the body’s pathways where life energy (qi) flows. Acupressure has several roots in Chinese medicine. Its traditional Chinese medicine theory describes special acupoints or acupressure … Read more