A Life with Body Aches

Frequent and constant body aches are a form of chronic pain that can be a warning that something more serious is going on with your body.

The majority of us experience body aches from time to time and these are generally the result of physical exercise or stress.

As the ache will cease after a short period of time we tend to pay very little attention to it.

However, if you find that you are experiencing frequent or constant body aches then you need to consider booking an appointment with your Doctor.

The following guide shall examine some of the more common symptoms of body aches, and will detail some of the diseases that can cause this form of chronic pain.

Body Ache Symptoms

Body aches are a chronic pain condition that can affect people of all ages, regardless of health.

Those who suffer constant aches understand how stressful it can be as the pain can interfere in their life and make it very hard to engage in their traditional responsibilities and routines.

Body ache commonly manifest themselves in the head, neck and the back, as well as muscles and joint pain.

However, body aches can also take the form of neuropathic pain, which is a fault in the nervous system suggesting pain is present when there is no cause.

If you suspect that you may have neuropathic damage then you are advised to contact your Doctor as soon as possible, as the pain could worsen very quickly.

The most common form of body ache is a sharp pain in the muscles and the joints.

This pain is very similar to what is experienced during flu, and the individual may find that the pain causes a fever, again akin to having the flu.

When the condition becomes severe, the individual will find that their joints have become extremely tender and in most cases very inflamed.

They will feel weak and increasingly sick. Constant body aches bear a heavy toll on the human body and people who suffer from this condition will soon find themselves also suffering from fatigue.

The problem with body aches is it does not affect on single particular area of the body, but instead almost the entire body.

As a result the individual will find himself or herself having great difficulty in falling and staying asleep.

This will obviously make things worse, and people who suffer from frequent or constant body aches often report that they also suffer from one or more sleep disorders.

Causes of Body Aches

There is a range of reasons as to why a person may begin to have frequent or constant body aches.

One of the most common causes is injury from accidents, and regardless of whether the injury was major or minor it can result in a period of this condition. Body aches are worse in winter and regions with particularly cold climates.

It is also more noticeable at higher altitudes where the air thins. Studies have suggested that this condition can be hereditary, and it can be acquired from your parents or members of your family related by blood.

Studies have also suggested that aging can play a factor in the development of this condition, and older people with ongoing medical conditions like diabetes are more likely to suffer from frequent or constant body aches.

It is believed that a reduced immune system can also cause the individual to suffer body aches, and the condition tends to prevail whilst the body attempts to repair itself.

Severe and long-lasting experiences with body aches are often a sign that something more serious is occurring, such as a life threatening disease.

The following are among the most common diseases to be associated with frequent or constant body aches.

– Fibromyalgia

– Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

– Lyme Disease

– Lupus

– Cancer

– Tuberculosis

Of course, just because you have prolonged periods of body aches doesn’t mean you are suffering from a life threatening disease.

However, it is still extremely important that you consult your Doctor, as they will be able to find the root of the problem.

Life with Body Aches


Treatments for frequent and constant body aches vary depending on the person and the cause of the condition.

The first thing the Doctor will need to do is identify the cause of the problem. This may take a few days, or even weeks, but it is extremely necessary.

If the underlying health problem is not dealt with then it will be almost impossible to treat the body aches.

Once this is done the Doctor can begin to address the condition. Prescribed treatment can include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, while more general treatment will include warm baths and massages.

Plenty of rest is also needed, and if the patient is having difficulty sleeping because of the condition then they may be prescribed a dose of sleeping medication.


Frequent and constant body aches are a type of chronic pain condition that can affect people of all demographics.

The condition tends to manifest itself in severe muscle and joint pain and will generally affect the whole body rather than singular or particular parts.

Body aches are tied in with fatigue problems, as the individual will find it difficult to get the ample amount of sleep they need to recover properly.

It should be remembered that more often than not, this condition is the result of another illness, once, which can be of a quite serious nature.

If you find yourself suffering from frequent of constant body aches you are advised to visit your local Doctor as soon as you can.



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  1. i have sever joint pain and really poor sleeping habits to the point whrer i dont sleep for days then i will sleep for maybe a total of 5 hours and think i feel great i dont i have seen Dr”s and have complained about the pain and fetuige for years and no one has figured out my problem can you please . help me or tell me what kind of a Dr i need to see because no one has helped me. the Dr”s only want to give me painfull shots that do not work please help me

  2. i been told i have fibromyliasa how ever that is spelled have arthritis been checked for lupas get tested all the time for tb i am so frustrated i could scream need sleep that never comes

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