Fibromyalgia Eye Problems

Fibromyalgia is a common syndrome affecting many people, mainly women that cause long-term pain in many areas of your body.

Fibromyalgia can cause joint, tendon, soft tissue, and muscle pain all over the body.

An area that is commonly overlooked in fibromyalgia patients is the eye. It is no surprise that fibromyalgia causes eye problems due to the eye containing six main muscles to control movement. Because fibromyalgia affects the nervous system it can affect one’s vision.


The causes of eye problems with patients who have fibromyalgia are linked to the nervous system.

Fibromyalgia over time deteriorates your nervous system. Because nerves play a key role in all body functions, it comes as no surprise it can affect your eyes as well.

Nerves that travel to your eye deteriorate and cause an array of problems. Fibromyalgia can deteriorate the nerves fully, or just a little.

The fibromyalgia can cause a few symptoms, many symptoms, or sometimes none at all.


Symptoms of fibromyalgia in the eyes are simple, but can sometimes be overlooked. One may experience blurred or impaired vision.

These vision problems could start just at night while driving in the dark. One may feel their eyes straining to see road signs, or squinting to see the lines on the road.

Fibromyalgia can affect one’s vision, but might not be attributed to fibromyalgia. Vision changes can occur for many reasons such as old age.

It is important to consider that if you have fibromyalgia and experience changes in vision to contact your doctor.

Another symptom is that one may experience pain while reading print. Because fibromyalgia can negatively affect your vision reading smaller print may become more difficult.

When trying to read print becomes more difficult it may hurt to strain one’s eyes. The eye pain could be a result of the fibromyalgia.

Along with blurred vision, double vision is also common in patients with fibromyalgia.

Double vision can occur while one is trying to focus on one object. Another symptom of fibromyalgia is dry eyes.

When the eye muscles cannot properly function, the eye cannot properly lubricate itself.

Due to this, the eyes become dry. Dry eyes can be a symptom of many things, but if you have fibromyalgia is most likely the syndrome causing the dry eyes.

Lastly, a patient with fibromyalgia may experience light sensitivity. When stepping out into the sun one’s eyes may hurt and they will feel the need to squint.

Fibromyalgia Eye Problems


Treatment for Fibromyalgia eye problems is mostly management of the disease. To cope with the dry eye it is recommended to use eye drops for dry eyes.

These drops can be used multiple times a day. Using these drops for an extended period of time will help reverse the dry eyes and let the patient live more comfortably.

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If the patient suffers from light sensitivity sunglasses should be worn when going outside.

By wearing sunglasses it will help protect the eyes. The sunglasses will limit the amount of light that reaches the naked eye.

For patients who are experiencing vision problems, an eye doctor will be able to help with the vision problems.

A doctor could prescribe contacts or glasses for the patients. The glasses or contacts could be worn at all times, or just at certain times throughout the day.

In some cases, the nerves are damaged enough that glass or contacts cannot be worn.

The nerves are too sensitive to touch the bridge of the nose or touch the eye to put in a contact. In these cases, the patient may use a magnifying glass to read or rely on others to help.

In other cases, the patient may learn to use braille to help continue their daily life.  Patients could also use voice-activated systems to help with daily life.


In some extreme cases, fibromyalgia can cause blindness in some patients. The nerves that lead to the eyes can sometimes become inflamed and cause the eyes to become blind.

In some cases, it is partial blindness while in more extreme cases it is complete blindness.

When the fibromyalgia affects these nerves it can sometimes be caught early and treated with steroids.

In certain cases, the steroids can stop the inflammation and prevent complete blindness.

Fibromyalgia can lead to a variety of problems in one’s eyes. When dealing with fibromyalgia it is important to stay in contact with your doctor to track the symptoms you may be experiencing.

Through keeping diligent with your symptoms you can manage it and avoid extremes such as blindness.




  • My eye issue is someone different. Sometimes when I an looking around it feels like it takes my vision awhile to catch up to where I’m looking and then it’s like looking through a fish tank you can see but it’s just not right. I don’t know if anyone else has similar issues.

  • Sherry and Patricia, I feel like you also, and this is why I started doing a research by my self, because not Doctors knows why and reasons to I am feeling like that. I have old the sensations that you ladies have mentioned before.

  • I also have this fishtank problem, though it seemed to happen just after i had a cataract removed. Everything looks surreal especially when looking at large spaces. I find it improves when i put my distance glasses on, even though i am long sighted. Also seems better when i wear sunglasses.

  • I am experiencing similar problems with my left eye. I had cataract surgery, thinking that was the problem . It remains a problem for which my doctor says there is no evidence . This has been going on for years. Now three months after the cataract surgery and complicated tests , I am told nothing is wrong with my eye. No surgery yet on the cataracts in the other eye and no follow up until end of December. The poor vision is affecting all aspects of my life.

  • I am experiencing, double vision, blurred vision, lack of vision at night, which i believe to be in both eyes. I had an eye exam in January and the optometrist said i needed bi focals, which did not change my vision, it actuaully continued to get worse. Im going to check into lasik surgery as an option. Does anyone know anything about lasik?

  • I too ,on occasion, have a sharp bolt of pain in my eyes, extremely quick and short lived. I have a delay in my vision catching up with where my eye is looking. I have what I call. “phantom” images; an image over another image like a double exposure on a film. Never associated any of these symptoms with possible eye muscle or optic nerve damage. Certainly would like to research this association in depth.

  • I was told by my eye doctor years ago that I had fibromyalgia and converted this to my doctor during visits for pain she dismissed it and said they don’t know what their talking about…years went by the pain got worse. I was sent for cateract surgery and had one eye done in July and the other one done in September. I had complications and had laser on both eyes in November 18, 2014. Still seeing things blurry at times and having pain in my eyes. I have been off work because of my eyes. In December 2 I went to a rheumatologist and was diagnosed formally with fibromyalgia she said I have been living with a lot of pain. Finally know what’s happening in my body and have some of the answers I need to be able to understand and look for treatments for relief. I felt like I was just a chronic complainer as I was always in pain and telling people how sore I was ….no one understood especially my family doctor. It’s been 15 years of living like this and I really hope others don’t have to suffer that long before they get a diagnoses and know treatment options.

  • I had cataracts removed (I was 42 at the time) and had torric lenses put in to improve my distance vision. The fibromyalgia is worsening my vision a little more each day. I didn’t need glasses after the surgeries but now I need them for reading and will need them soon for my distance vision as well. Thanks for telling me that fibro does this. I couldn’t figure out why I was losing my vision! Now I know.

  • I’ve had FMS/CFIDS for 22 years. When I saw this article I wanted to sign up for the newsletter, I get quite a number of them. I tried four or five times but it said, “apologize can’t …..” Would you add me to your mailing list please?

  • Right now I’m going through quite a number of problems with my eyes. After 22 years of FMS/CFIDS, and now being 67 years old, I’m sure the cataracts are partially from age. I can’t have the cataracts removed until I clear up my dry eye, which is funny,because my eyes were running all the time. With the help of a eye doc for the past few months we continue to try to clear it up. Still not there yet. Now I’m using Refresh/Celluvisc, a thick eye drop which makes your vision blurry for a few minutes, I was told to use them every hour. A bit of an inconvenience but in six weeks I’ll hopefully be able to have nodules removed from my eyes, it’s called Salzman’s Degeneration. After six weeks healing on each eye, and if all goes well, I then can have the cataracts removed. Wheww! Never thought they’d be a problem.

  • I’m beginning to have strange eye problems … seeing double when i look at things after a few seconds. I had a branch vein retinopathy in 2005 and I and I still have problems trying to see around the “hole” in the center of my eye, which left me with a limited amount of depth perception. My eyes ache at times, which takes an ice pad to ease.

  • I also have the double vision and blurriness at time. I am also diabetic which adds another layer of issues related to my eyes. A few years ago I was diagnosed with Asteroid Hyalosis… floaters behind the lens so bright light affects me by making white wavy lines and now I am getting darkness in front. I saw the image of my eye and there are a lot of the orbs on there ? I am seeing my optometrist at the end mod the month. Hopefully it’s not a sign of things to come and or cataracts!

  • I have had fibromyalgia for years and am being treated with Gabapentin 2400 mg. a day. My pain is mostly in the balls of my feet and burning eyes. Any one have any ideas on how to help the pain?

  • Do any of you have probs opening your eyes i have to manually open my right eye in a morning thanks sue x

  • Fibromyalgia is not a progressive illness. It doesn’t cause any nerves to “degenerate” because it doesn’t have a direct effect on nerve cells. It has an imbalance of neurochemicals (produces too much substance ‘P’ in the brain) which heightens the perception of pain.
    If you have dry eyes you may be suffering from Sjogren’s Syndrome which can co-occur with fibro. If your eyes are stinging or stabbing it may just be the way your headache is manifesting. Your eye nerves are not deteriorating and you should not be concerned that fibromyalgia is going to cause blindness. You may want to check your symptoms with your doctor because it could be something else entirely.
    I think this was an inflammatory article designed to sell supplements. Fibromyalgia can’t be the root cause of all your actual, perceived or imaginary health problems.

  • I have fibromyalgia. X 10 years
    Yes, it effects your vision.
    I have had to get prescription readers. I am unable to read in the mornings. I noticed this when I started working in the mornings….

  • If fibro is not progressive , how come when I first started with it 40 yrs ago pain and attacks were milder ? Now the pain is intense and constant and effects the whole of my body .

  • I have fibromyalgia. My eye site has been fading in and out since October 2015, Doctors don’t think it is the fibro causing the problem. It gets blurry to were I can not read anything, not even big marquee signs and billboards on the highway. The blurriness is random sometimes just for minutes but most of the time for hours, occasionally all day. Been to primary care dr, Optometrist, Ophthalmologist. Neurologist. They don’t find anything wrong. Had Mri, Ct scan both of those where normal. ER Dr said he thought maybe silent migraines. But that would mean I am having them every single day. The blurry eyes coming and going is affecting my job because I cannot read the documents or computer or even my phone. It is really getting frustrating that no one can figure out what is causing the eye problems.

  • Figbromyalgia gets progressive in one respect-YOU are getting older so the affects and effects of aging layer over any past illnesses. And, please don’t fall down or get in an auto accident! Your non progressive fibro will kick in a level that will haunt you for years, and that is after treatments! Trust me it gets progressive!

  • I had complications from Lasik. I have chronic migraine. I have cervical disc problems. I have fibro. I have taken preventative medication for migraine – propranolol & botox. They have Helped to reduce the # and the severity but I still get headaches almost every day. Lyrica and flexeril also help with nerve issues. Some of the headaches start with eye pain. And the eye pain which feels like severe pulling of my eye muscles. Asked my Rheumatologist and she said my eye pain can e from fibro and blue light waves can affect it. So tinted glasses can help. I need tinted readers!. My eyes get dry & filmy at the saMe time!

  • fibro isnt progressive but there are many different stages, from mild to severe and you can go back and forth
    this is what i have learned from my studies on the illness

  • A zone that is ordinarily disregarded in fibromyalgia patients is the eye. It is nothing unexpected that fibromyalgia causes eye issues because of the eye containing six primary muscles to control development. Since fibromyalgia influences the sensory system it can influence one’s vision.

    Causes of Fibromyalgia On Eyes

    The reasons for eye issues with patients who have fibromyalgia are connected to the sensory system. Fibromyalgia after some time falls apart your sensory system. Since nerves assume a key part in all body capacities, it does not shock anyone it can influence your eyes too.

    Nerves that go to your eye fall apart and cause a variety of issues. Fibromyalgia can decay the nerves completely, or only a bit. The fibromyalgia can bring about a couple of side effects, numerous side effects, or now and then none by any means.

  • I have blurred vision, double vision, floaters and flashers, eye pain and my eyesight is dimming. 🙁 I have been to 2 eye doctors that couldn’t find any thing wrong (frustrating) I had a MRI done on my brain and it was unremarkable. So it must be coming from this wonderful thing called fibro and small fiber neuropathy! UGHHHH

  • I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia 6 years ago it took ages for my doctor to rule things out and then once it was done they also found in have intercranial hypertension where the veins in my eyes are swollen due to excess spinal fluid I had no idea because a lot of the symptoms coincided with my fibro. The one thing that grabbed the doctors attention was my hearing. He had asked if I was hearing anything differently and I said it sounds like I’m underwater and that apparently was a red flag. So I suggest anyone with symptoms to get checked as it might save your life and if you are unhappy with one doctor opinion go to another… my obgyn is the one who originally sent me to my neurologist after complaining of daily debilitating migraines. So you never know. There will be one who will help you.

  • After 10 years of constant pain i was finally told I had fibromyalgia and things just keep going from bad to worse i have just been told I have to see an eye specialist as either the muscle behind my eyes are damage or the nerves are I don’t want to go blind as I have a new granddaughter due in august and I want to be able to see her when she arrives has anyone got any help or advice from me I’m really worried about it thanks in advance Shirley

  • A few days ago I had an unpleasant experience with my right eye. I woke about 5:30 am and went to open my eyes and in the right eye I had no vision. I could not see light out of that eye. I had no pain but had a measurable amount of fluid drained out of my eye. Going to emerge. I was tested and retested by several Specialists. Had a CT scan and everything came out normal. It has taken a few days for my vision to return. Other symptoms I experienced was I was very weak and off balance. I have had fibromyalgia for over 26 years and now in my 70’s I sometimes if the drs. just think it old age. Has anyone had this experience or something close to these symptoms?

  • I live in pain daily for 4 yrs as months and years go by no one i have seen tests taken don’t know what’s the problem more physical therapist are they joking the more I work the worst the tightening in back gets but I get pain all over
    Last 6 months eyes really bother me hurt get these lumps on eye lids eye doctor said pressure high 33 little near sighted and dry eye I am fine just using reading glasses dry eye drops and prescription eye drops for the high pressurethree months later only down to 28 my eyes blur hurt soars on eye lids vision getting worse see stars a lot and flashes light hurts them but no one knows why my doctor don’t believe in fibromyalgia it just what they tell you when they can’t find what’s wrong with you she gave up on me said she don’t know what’s wrong see surgeon against or neurologist she cant help only work with nerves think they crazy